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Dicapai 11 March March 25, Dicapai March 24, Malaysia Chronicle. Sky Sports. Dicapai 10 March NDTV Sports.

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Diarkibkan daripada asal pada Dicapai 7 April April 17, Dicapai April 17, April 21, Dicapai April 21, Dicapai 6 August Tahun di Malaysia. Malaysia dibentuk pada 16 September Sebelum itu, Malaysia dikenali sebagai Persekutuan Tanah Melayu ketika ia merupakan sebuah negeri naungan British sebelum kemerdekaannya. Kategori : di Malaysia an di Malaysia Tahun-tahun di Malaysia. Ruang nama Rencana Perbincangan. Rupa Baca Sunting Sunting sumber Lihat sejarah.

Without concrete evidence, you are dismissing the most reliable data we have in favor of the least reliable. We now have the unredacted Inmarsat data.

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Pesawat MH disahkan terhempas di Laut Janda diperkosa di kubur akibat percay By coming out openly to explain the predicament faced by our country, Malaysia may prevent a hostile act against a third country. Puing2 yang ditemukan msh tdk dpt sepenuhnya membuat orang percaya bahwa benar jika MH jatuh di Samudera Hindia. Satu Naskah RM This pilot did all the right things. Dato' Siti Nurhaliza is a multiple-award winning Malaysian pop singer-songwriter who has garnered more than local awards.

Since you are questioning whether that data was fabricated, you should ask Inmarsat, Malaysia, and the ATSB whether or not the data we have is what they have. Since the data was released to the Chinese NOK, Malaysia should be willing to stand behind what they released. I have little doubt, but since you do, you should get their official statements. Please report back with what you find. The atoll is about km northeast of Madagascar. It will be interesting if the debris is actually from MH I agree if you dismiss the Inmarsat data you also have to dismiss the drift data and the reality of the debris found where it was found.

You can dismiss one but not both.

And since both are still not conflicting eachother you have to deduce at least one of them is valid. The drift and debris data is hard evidence. The Inmarsat data is indirect evidence. Both are indicating a same area.

As Victor says; if you have any better evidence than come up with it. Talking about debris.. I truly hope something significant is found on the Seychelles. Thanks in advance for your kindness and transparency. Farquhar is very much on the S. I would not be at all surprised if something beached there. It is not populated, seldom visited and has restricted approach rights — so quite possible that stuff could have arrived there and not been reported earlier.

I have not mentioned it, but the fall off in debris finds was quite surprising to me based on both Poisson and Weibull stats using the debris find history. Certainly the area available for debris is quite remote, and my guess would be that the previous finds simply were deposited where people actually go on a routine basis.

At the end of the page is a link to the Dropbox folder containing the files. My modified version of Barry Martins spreadheet is within that folder and is here. It probably needs a revision or two for flying at FL instead of the FL modeled. Thanks for posting. Is that right? Debris on Farquhar Atoll: Could be from an aircraft, but it would need to be a big one. Yes, radar installations are expensive and are installed for good reasons. You accuse others of blithely assuming the veracity of the satellite data and yet you assume the comments in the articles you posted are truthful.

Having zealously promoted the need for data verification, surely it is incumbent upon you to provide verification of any data you present. To do otherwise would expose you to accusations of hypocrisy, no? The actual dry weight of MH The difference in fuel burn after 5 hours is something of order 0.

2014 di Malaysia

Interesting, but not yet significant. Farquhar Island. Some friends went there last year. A photo of the some of the extensive rubbish that accrues on the beach.

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They say 1 to 1. Victor, do you have an estimate as to what rate of climb would be required to satisfy the BFO at the alternative 1st arc location? Rather than rejecting conflicting data, I am encouraging you to present it. If you or anybody else has reliable data that indicates that an operating radar station should have detected MH but did not, we all would be very interested to see it.

And has been explained many times, not finding the plane does not mean the Inmarsat data is wrong. Having lived and worked in this region for many years, I would much sooner trust the Inmarsat data than I would the pronouncements of any government official. Mick Gilbert: Assuming a position of 2. Very good, thank you Victor. Can I please trouble you for the required ROC at 2. I misread the track in GE. You come here pedalling your demented claptrap, with the intention of causing confusion and disruption.

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We have a name for them: Let me enlighten you. It was never as simple as x marks the spot. The ISAT data was never intended to be a method of pinpointing the location of an aircraft. The failure to find the aircraft can be laid at the door of the Malaysian authorities equally as much as at the door of an exceptionally cunning pilot. If they had cooperated fully and openly with the ATSB from the start, and accepted that one of their pilots could have committed such a heinous crime, then the ATSB would have stood a more reasonable chance of finding the wreckage. On the subject of the radar, or lack thereof, it is becoming increasingly clear as these discussions develop, that the pilot took a punt on them not tracking his path in real time during the first critical hour, because at It really is as simple as that.

All you have done is take advantage of an unfortunate situation and jump on the bandwagon. This makes no sense. By turning off SDU at It is interesting to reflect that MAS senior management Hugh Dunleavy per above did correctly assume MH was still flying based on sat calls I assume , but MAS apparently was not certain of that, since no one put it all together until Inmarsat said the aircraft was still flying for 5 more hours.

I am assuming it is possible to for the caller differentiate between a sat call that goes through but is unanswered vs. I know of course that the pilot would have been totally unaware of the hourly handshakes, but he would have known that the SDU AES requests a logon with the satellite when power is lost and restored.

PM tidak sahkan MH370 dirampas, misi diteruskan ke dua koridor baru

Mar 14, th March by Malaysia's Transport Minister regarding :Maaf saya tidak terima berita tersebut jadi saya tidak boleh menjawabnya. Q.:Dato' Sri. Mar 8, Hari ini, genap empat tahun pesawat Malaysia Airlines MH Berita Terkini, foto dan video, dunia dan Malaysia. 8 MAC .. AM MYT " Everything that has happened on the 8th of March might have just.

More importantly for him in my opinion , he would have known that an energized, functioning AES would acknowledge any telephone calls from MAS, even ones that went unanswered. A call that connects but goes unanswered at least show MAS that the aircraft was still powered up. Once out of range, he could safely put the SDU back on line.

The pilot was unaware, however, of the hourly handshakes or that they and the logon requests and phone calls could in theory be used to reconstruct his flight path. We know it was done or at least happened just beyond Malaysian radar range. This seems deliberate. Anyway if deliberate he would have been save with the re-log-on for he was out of radar reach and out of Malaysian interception range. Shortly after this declaring the plane was missing while they knew it was still in the air. I wonder was this to make real contact or only to get confirmation the plane had crashed or not?

Did the Malaysian airforce crippled the plane just before Did they only seek confirmation of succes by calling the plane at Where they confused what to do next when it turned out the plane was still airborne?


Is this what they are trying to cover up? I apologise if I have transgressed any protocols, but I feel I was provoked. I have said what I wanted to get off my chest. Hopefully, the emotional hyperbole will be dispensed with, from here on. Data was excluded about the POR logins if Malaysia scrubbed by accident or on purpose. You used a different email address and so your comment needed my approval, as any first time contributor would. The first cruise level of MH was 27, feet.

Good point. The ISAT communication logs show only two attempts to reach the crew by telephone, the first attempt being at If there had been earlier attempts to contact the crew, presumably they would have been duly recorded in the ISAT logs.

Pray For MH370

At around There is more, but you get the idea. One must thorougly and definitively rule out incompetence before resorting to conspiracy theories. It is good that the conversation is at least getting around to something meaningful: So I will do my best to follow up with the reporter, to ensure that…. If I acquire — and post here — explicit confirmation from the reporter that all four of the above are true, will you join me in believing the Campbell Bay radar to have been operational that night?

If not, please list any other questions you wish to see addressed. I get that.