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Then you can install fontconfig in a similar way:.

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This becomes a problem when your audio equipment cannot amplify the signal for you. The first column contains the codec names that should be passed after the acodec option, like: In the second pass, the two pass output file is created, using the bitrate data from the temporary files. Xv Under XFree86 4. I guess that TV-out frequently is standalone head or standalone output at least.

Preview releases are available from our download page and an official release should arrive soon. To check out SVN modules use:. To begin with, in order to ensure maximum backwards compatibility, set an environment variable:.

You may need to edit config. Continue with. This will create a compressed. You can also use the Xcode 2. Chapter Basic usage of MEncoder Selecting codecs and container formats Selecting input file or device Encoding to Sony PSP video format Encoding to MPEG format Rescaling movies Stream copying Preserving aspect ratio For the complete list of available MEncoder options and examples, please see the man page.

For a series of hands-on examples and detailed guides on using several encoding parameters, read the encoding-tips that were collected from several mailing list threads on MPlayer-users. Search the archives here and especially for older things also here for a wealth of discussions about all aspects of and problems related to encoding with MEncoder. Audio and video codecs for encoding are selected with the -oac and -ovc options, respectively.

Type for instance:. The following choices are available: Audio Codecs:. Container formats:. As noted above, other container formats are usable, but you may experience problems when using them. If you selected libavformat to do the muxing of the output file by using the -of lavf , the appropriate container format will be determined by the file extension of the output file. As you can see, libavformat allows MEncoder to mux into a considerable variety of containers. Unfortunately, as MEncoder was not designed from the beginning to support container formats other than AVI, your should really be paranoid about the resulting file.

Simply include the filename on the command line to encode from a file, or dvd: If you have already copied a DVD to your hard drive you can use a tool such as dvdbackup , available on most systems , and wish to encode from the copy, you should still use the dvd: When encoding from DVD, it is often desirable to select a chapter or range of chapters to encode.

You can use the -chapter option for this purpose.

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For example, -chapter will only encode chapters 1 through 4 from the DVD. This is especially useful if you will be making a MB encode targeted for two CDs, since you can ensure the split occurs exactly at a chapter boundary rather than in the middle of a scene. If you have a supported TV capture card, you can also encode from the TV-in device. Use tv: DVB input works similarly. In the second pass, the two pass output file is created, using the bitrate data from the temporary files.

The resulting file will have much better image quality. If this is the first time you heard about this, you should consult some guides available on the net. You should be safe if you respect the following constraints:. Creating an MPEG-1 file suitable to be played on systems with minimal multimedia support, such as default Windows installs:.

If for some reason the video quality of the second pass did not satisfy you, you may re-run your video encode with a different target bitrate, provided that you saved the statistics file of the previous pass. Often the need to resize movie images emerges.

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The reasons can be many: If you wish to rescale, read the Preserving aspect ratio section. The scaling process is handled by the scale video filter: Its quality can be set with the -sws option. If it is not specified, MEncoder will use 2: MEncoder can handle input streams in two ways: This section is about copying.

Using -oac copy to copy from one container format to another may require the use of -fafmttag to keep the audio format tag of the original file. For a list of audio format tags, check codecs. The explanation of the -mf option is in the man page. You can mix different types of images, regardless of the method you use — individual filenames, wildcard or file with list — provided of course they have the same dimensions.

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So you can e. They consist of a pair of files ending in. MPlayer can play these with the -vobsub and -vobsubid options. You specify the basename i. If the input is not from a DVD you should use -ifo to indicate the. If the input is not from a DVD and you do not have the. Each run will append the running subtitle if the. So you should remove any before starting. Example Copying two subtitles from a DVD while doing two pass encoding. Rescaling the movie is disgusting and time consuming, there has to be a better way!

There is MPEG-4 has a unique feature: Keep in mind: You seriously should crop the black bands over and below the movie image. See the man page for the usage of the cropdetect and crop filters. I do not care about file size, I just want the best quality. Sure, your AVI will end up being 5GB, give or take, but if you want the best quality and do not care about size, this is certainly your best option. It is difficult to offer a cookbook recipe on how to create a very high quality DVD rip. There are several factors to consider, and you should understand these details or else you are likely to end up disappointed with your results.

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Below we will investigate some of these issues, and then have a look at an example. We assume you are using libavcodec to encode the video, although the theory applies to other codecs as well. If this seems to be too much for you, you should probably use one of the many fine frontends that are listed in the MEncoder section of our related projects page.

That way, you should be able to achieve high quality rips without too much thinking, because most of those tools are designed to take clever decisions for you.

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Before you even think about encoding a movie, you need to take several preliminary steps. The first and most important step before you encode should be determining what type of content you are dealing with. It is important to realize, however, that this is just the formatting for presentation on a television, and often does not correspond to the original format of the movie. Experience shows that NTSC material is a lot more difficult to encode, because there more elements to identify in the source.

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In order to produce a suitable encode, you need to know the original format. Failure to take this into account will result in various flaws in your encode, including ugly combing interlacing artifacts and duplicated or even lost frames. Besides being ugly, the artifacts also harm coding efficiency: You will get worse quality per unit bitrate. Here is a list of common types of source material, where you are likely to find them, and their properties:. Movies consisting of frames are referred to as progressive, while those consisting of independent fields are called either interlaced or video — though this latter term is ambiguous.

To further complicate matters, some movies will be a mix of several of the above. The most important distinction to make between all of these formats is that some are frame-based, while others are field-based. Whenever a movie is prepared for display on television including DVD , it is converted to a field-based format. Unless the original material was also field-based and the same fieldrate , you are getting the movie in a format other than the original. If you encounter such a movie and want to encode it, your best bet is to find a copy in the original format.

Conversion between these two formats is highly destructive and cannot be reversed cleanly, so your encode will greatly suffer if it is made from a converted source. When video is stored on DVD, consecutive pairs of fields are grouped as a frame, even though they are not intended to be shown at the same moment in time. The MPEG-2 standard used on DVD and digital TV provides a way both to encode the original progressive frames and to store the number of fields for which a frame should be shown in the header of that frame.